John Thies’ background includes over 40 years experience as a potter, kiln designer and builder, instructor and gallery owner. He first realized his passion for the art in high school, and subsequently apprenticed for several years for various production potters across the United States. John gained an interest in wood firing early in his career, and has been creating wood-fired pottery and designing and building kilns ever since. His influences are diverse, ranging from historical to contemporary. He is particularly inspired by Japanese, Korean, British and early American crock potters, as well as designs that have a folk art look and feel.


In 2010, after spending 28 years as the owner of Monocacy Pottery in Maryland, John relocated to Ohio and open Manabigama Pottery Center with his wife and partner Tiffany Hyland. The work they produce is far-reaching, with a special emphasis on fine wood-fired stoneware finished onsite in the centers two kilns. Use of minimal glazing allows the wood fires natural ash deposits and flame flashing patterns to finish each piece. This natural and ancient method of producing pottery gives every pot a beautiful and unique surface.


In addition to producing and selling wood-fired pottery, John and Tiffany share their experience as designers and instructors, teaching beginner- to advanced-level pottery classes, offering kiln plans, and leading a variety of firing and kiln-building workshops.
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