Kiln Building Workshop

1. Private Kiln Building: If you simply want us to build your Manabigama and do not want to learn about kiln building, we can arrive after you have completed your foundation pad and shelter and have all of your materials procured. With two to three additional able-bodied helpers made available to us per day we will be able to complete the entire kiln within seven days. Please contact us for current pricing and details.

2. Kiln Building Workshop: Many groups choose to turn the building of their kiln into a workshop. With this option, we arrive after you have completed a foundation pad and shelter, and procured all your materials. We will give an introductory lecture on the kiln construction and the process of wood firing. Next, we will divide into teams and get to work. Time will be taken during construction to discuss building processes and techniques. This is a great option for groups who want to participate in the actual construction of their kiln and help defray their expenses. A kiln building workshop can be completed on a pre-existing foundation pad with shelter in six to seven days. Please contact us to discuss specifics of your project and current pricing.

3. Inaugural Firing Workshop: This is a three-day workshop where we take you through the loading of your kiln, bricking of the door, the actual firing, and finally, the unloading and cleaning of the fired ware. Most people choose to add this workshop to the end of the building workshop, or we can accommodate you at a later date. Please contact us to discuss your project and current pricing.

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